Hello everyone and welcome to my website, created by the very talented Katie Mortimore (www.paintedpuffin.co.uk). I highly recommend her services and I am grateful for her patience in dealing with my regular changes to the layout.

I want to journal on a regular basis on topics of interest to me and I hope to you the reader. It will draw on research findings in the exciting and ever changing fields of mindfulness, neuroscience, pain science and psychology. I want to attempt to bring these areas together and pull out ideas on how we can best thrive and find peace in our lives.

The website is called mindfulness movement and it signifies two things for me. Firstly mindfulness is a modern movement in the West, attempting to find better ways of living our lives. It asks people to sit quietly on a cushion, but is actually very revolutionary as it challenges our sense of self and how much free will we have. It can be a rollercoaster ride, with days when you just want to do anything but sit quietly. But mostly I find great peace and strength from formal practise. I feel genuinely very lucky to have found mindfulness.

Secondly mindfulness also has a lot of movement in it, with mindful walking and movement practises similar to tai chi and yoga. The body is very important in meditation and the M.A.P course is designed to study our bodies internal movements and messages.

I hope you find yourself curious enough to book a place on a course, or if unsure, please feel free to give me a call or drop an email.

Wishing you peace